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Tilt bins

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Stockview is a crystal-clear, well-organised stock-, storage- and presentation system. Products can be very efficiently stored in shops, warehouses, workshops, laboratories and in service vehicles.

A list of the crystal-clear advantages:

products are immediately visible
the layout is flexible and you can determine it yourself
free-standing or suspended, portable or built into a service vehicle
dust-free storage of products
can be taken out
scratch-resistant, high quality
complete with stock labels


Art. nr. Description b x h x d in cm
3160900m storage bin nr. 9 - 60 x 7,7 x 6,2
3160600m storage bin nr. 6 - 60 x 11,3 x 9,1
3160500m storage bin nr. 5 - 60 x 16,4 x 13,3
3160400m storage bin nr. 4 - 60 x 20,7 x 17,8
3160300m storage bin nr. 3 - 60 x 24,0 x 19,7
3160200 storage bin nr. 2 - 60 x 35,3 x 29,9

Delivery from stock within 8 days.


  Sliding wall system

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A DIY system with everything required for the flexible construction of sliding walls in an existing shop system.

Flexibility. The flexibility is to be found in the fact that the sliding wall system can always be moved to another location in the company.
Delivery in parts as you need them. You can, for example, hang up your existing tilted bins.
Space-saving. In addition to flexibility, space-saving is also an important argument when purchasing the system. The sliding wall principle enables many metres of stock and/or presentation space to be created on the same floor area.
Logistically economical. The sliding wall pack is more compact and has few components. It is lighter and involves less transport costs. To sum up, a logistical saving as well.
The photo shows a set up which is 2 metres wide. Widths until 6 metres can also be delivered.


  Shop carrousel with 280 tilt bins.

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shop carrousel with a capacity of 280 bins on 1 m2
if you no longer have any wall space and you want to create a lot of storage and/or presentation space on a small floor area, then the carrousel is ideal.
Capacity: 20x storage bin no. 5 and 30x storage bin no. 6. Sliding wall racks and gondolas can also be supplied. Art. No. 9002
  Metal cabinet

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A stable storage cabinet in grey or blue enamelled steel plate. Filled with transparent (tilted) storage bins. This steel cabinet ensures the dust-free and well-organised storage of small items. The measurements of the tilted bins can be decided entirely in accordance with your wishes and needs.

Art. nr. Description b x h x d in cm
9601 narrow 200 x 65,5 x 21
9610 wide 200 x 125,5 x 21

Standaard kastvullingen
9601bsa/77 narrow - 77 bakken: 1x nr. 4, 5x nr. 5 en 8x nr. 6
9610bsa/154 wide -154 bakken: 2x nr. 4, 10x nr. 5 en 16x nr. 6
9610bsa/204 wide - 204 bakken: 34x nr. 6

  Stock / display case

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The advantages of the new stock / display case
optimum stock control in a small area
a well-organized presentation of the products
for own use and also for selling on
for use in the shop and also in the workshop, garage, etc.
for both small and larger materials

The standard colours
transparent tilt bins: beige
open, plastic stacking bins: blue

Contents of the case:
12 transparent tilt bins number 5 on the rear wall = 60 bins
2 transparent tilt bins number 6 on the rear wall = 12 bins
18 transparent tilt bins number 6 on the 2 sliding walls = 108 bins

Total capacity:
180 tilt bins
24 open, plastic stacking bins 2003 in size: 14.5 x 24.0 x 12.5 cm (bxdxh)
12 open, plastic stacking bins 2004 in size: 20.7 x 34.5 x 16.5 cm (bxdxh)
2 sliding shelves in the centre of the case

h x b x d in cm 200 x 125 x 40

Art. no. MP300

  Tegometall shelf rack

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You can see an example of a shop assembly; of course, Stockview supplies all sizes of shop and/or gondola assemblies with the necessary accessories.


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This Mega unit from the Stockview delivery program is a good solution for all kinds of storage problems.

A few features of the Mega 40:

5 adjustable shelves
measurements: 200 x 100 x 40 cm (h x b x d)
lloading capacity: 600 kg, 120 kg per shelf
the Mega 40 is an EAN coded product